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The many great features of an iPad stand

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iPad/Tablet stand are not new. However, most product lack in design or quality in such a way that not many of us dear to have there expensive device dangling above the kitchen sink. 

Mid 2015, we stumbled upon the Goos-e. A dutch designed iPad stand with Gooseneck, designed for those gadgets geeks that are after quality and beauty.

After some research and testing, we at Bebook were convinced and ordered the first bunch of Goosies to fly in.

More about Goos-e:

Due to its flexible iPad stand and bendable arm, you are able to keep your hands free for all kinds of things. Your tablet adapts to any situation. Every day, users discover new uses for this flexible iPad stand. To give you some inspiration, we have already made a list of the stand’s most popular uses. As it turns out again and again: the Goos-e provides a hands-free experience, which is ever so convenient.

Goos-e can be used in many situations:


An iPad mount to create the perfect little movie screen

You watch movies on your tablet because you want to relax. With the Goos-e you can relax on your sofa or in bed while the flexible arm of the Goos-e ensures your tablet is in just the right position you choose. Whether...movies or YouTube slips...delivers maximum viewing pleasure. Especially with movies, you'll be viewing your tablet for several hours at a time. For this sort of viewing, it is convenient to place your tablet on a firm stand to ensure the perfect viewing angle for the movie. The Goos-e ensures you will get to the end of every movie relaxed and hassle free.

A tablet stand for your tablet with your sheet music

Separate sheets of paper on a music stand are being used less and less; after all, you can easily read and browse the sheets on your iPad. The Goos-e ensures that your sheet music is displayed at the correct height when when playing your music. And because the arm is so strong and firm, turning pages with your hands is no problem. Guitarists, pianists, violinists... they have all discovered the convenience of sheet music on a tablet. Even long scores can be browsed with ease. Playing music has become a lot easier because your iPad, in combination with the Goos-e, can always be placed in your preferred position. The Goos-e can also be easily carried with you to live performances.

The perfect design iPad stand for your home automation system

The iPad is also increasingly being used as a device for home automation. Lights, security, the fireplace, and the TV can all be controlled from one location. This all becomes easier of course once you attach your iPad to our firmly designed stand. Home automation as it should be: elegant and functional. Up until recently, devices for home automation were attached to the wall, but that was extremely impractical of course. After all, you’d prefer to have control over everything in your home right at hand. This has now become a possibility. By attaching your tablet to the Goos-e, the controls are always easy to find and both hands will be free for operation. Therefore, the Goos-e is an excellent addition to your home.

Attach your tablet to your hometrainer with this perfect mount

Exercise is healthy and important, but can also be quite boring at home on a, on a cross trainer, or a treadmill for example. With the Goos-e, you can easily connect your iPad to a home trainer or any other fitness equipment. In this way, music, a training program, a movie, or health data are always within reach. The Goos-e can be directly connected to workout equipment because the clamp also provides a good grip on round tubes. Of course, it is also possible to use the base of the Goos-e so that the tablet can be placed vibration-free next to your workout equipment. The choice is yours, but know that the Goos-e will soon become a loyal coach for your fitness performances.

An iPad mount for more gaming fun?

Gaming on your iPad becomes a lot more fun and convenient once you use this flexible stand. After all, you can firmly place the iPad at the height you prefer. Consequently, both your hands will be free to control the game. Gaming on a tablet has never been easier. A wide range of games are available, so you will never get bored. A varied games library is available on the iPad, as well as on many other tablet devices. The Goos-e practically turns your iPad into a games console. Your hands will be free, so you’ll finally be able to achieve that perfect score.

Use your iPad with a stand for studying or work

At school or college - where both hands are used for a wide range of activities - it becomes extremely useful to attach your iPad to our universal tablet stand. The stand can then easily be adjusted to the correct height for reading and working. In this way, dropping expensive tablets can also be avoided. The iPad can conveniently be used in schools to discover, filter, and process information and subsequently convert this information into a presentation in the form of a movie or a PowerPoint. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that the use of iPads in schools is increasing. The Goos-e tablet holder will ensure that your working posture will be truly optimal; which of course is very important during long days at school.

Reading recipes from your tablet on a mount has never been easier.

Tablets are increasingly being used as cookbooks. The tablet makes it very easy to browse recipes while cooking. With the Goos-e, you can firmly attach your tablet to your kitchen counter. As a result, the possibility of making a mess of your iPad is prevented, just like the possibility of it falling on the kitchen floor. Of course, the Goos-e can also be attached to the counter or cooker hood with the convenient clamp. When the arm is facing upwards, a lot of work space on your kitchen counter - which of course a true ‘chef’ is always lacking - will be freed up. The Goos-e is a useful tool for many cooks. The Goos-e is an excellent addition to your ingredient list. First take... on Goos-e.

To use your iPad as a second screen, use the Goos-e

When you attach your tablet to the Goos-e, the iPad may be used as a second screen next to your computer. This provides you with the convenience of multimedia. With the Goos-e, you can firmly attach your tablet to your desk and easily choose the correct height of your second screen. It is even possible to attach your tablet stand to your PC with the provided clamp. That way, your two screens are truly combined. You can use your iPad to consult sources, while you perform your main work on the large screen. Or maybe listen to a nice tune on your iPad, while using your PC for work. Goos-e brings the tablet and PC together and provides a better, more efficient work environment.

Use the Goos-e iPad holder to read in bed

Many people use their iPads in bed; to read a book or relax while watching a movie for example. This is very simple with the Goos-e. You can place the stand on your bedside table or attach the clamp to the side of your bed and enjoy a nice book on your e-reader, or let yourself completely be absorbed in a movie. Enjoying a movie with your hands behind your head; it is all possible thanks to our flexible tablet stand. This is personal entertainment at its best. Furthermore, people who use their iPad as an alarm clock will no longer have to look around dazed in the morning for their clock, but can easily turn off their alarm (or continue enjoying a nice ‘snooze’).

Use your iPad in the bathroom safely on this mount

Relax in the bath while watching your favourite movie or TV show on your iPad. It sounds ideal. Of course, you’ll have to make sure your iPad doesn’t fall into the water. With the extremely practical Goos-e, you can prevent such accidents. With our stand, you can place your iPad in the ideal position next to your bath. You can completely submerge yourself in the bathtub while the Goos-e ensures you can remain focused on your favourite movie or that great YouTube concert clip. A dash of hot water here and there, but you’ll definitely reach the end of that movie. The Goos-e is able to withstand the humid climate of your bathroom. The extremely flexible arm of the iPad stand is covered in a special rubber coating.

Attach your tablet to a nursing bed or wheelchair

The tablet can be a valuable device for people receiving designated care. Not just for control and communication, but also of course for entertainment. When designing the Goos-e’s clamp, this was something our design team took into consideration. The clamp is designed so that it effortlessly provides grip on the round, smooth tubes of a wheelchair or nursing bed. When the bed or chair moves the Tablet will move in the same way because the chair/bed is attached to the iPad. As a result, you will be able to continue enjoying your entertainment undisturbed. It therefore comes as no surprise that we have seen the Goos-e being used more and more in many kinds of care situations.

The perfect tradeshow presentation with a secured iPad

Movement attracts visitors. No wonder that many exhibitors at exhibitions use iPad displays to gain attention or easily convey information. The Goos-e ensures that an iPad can easily be used during exhibitions. With a cable lock, you can even make sure your tablet won’t be stolen. With the Goos-e, your tablet becomes a regular part of your exhibition stand. Thanks to the flexible arm, the Goos-e provides you with the most optimal experience on the exhibition floor.

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