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Sony is leaving the ebook market in the US. Will Australia follow soon?

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Sony is getting out of the ebook business in the United States and Canada, and turning its customers (there aren’t many of them at this point) over to Kobo.

Sony, which is essentially a non-player in the U.S. ebook market at this point, is cutting its losses and shutting down its digital bookstore in the U.S. and Canada, the company reported Thursday. “Sony is withdrawing from the digital reading business in the United States,” Sony spokeswoman Maya Wasserman confirmed.

The beneficiary is Kobo, which will take on Sony Reader customers and manage their ebook libraries starting in late March. 

The news isn’t much of a surprise since Sony had said last fall it wouldn’t bother selling its new e-reader in North America, citing “the region’s market changes” (i.e., competition from Amazon and, to a lesser extent, Barnes & Noble and Kobo). Kobo, which has a low ebook market share in the U.S. but a stronger presence in its home country, Canada, made news earlier this week when it replaced founder Michael Serbinis with a new CEO, parent company Rakuten’s Takahito Aiki.

Source: gigaom.com

What is your opinion, will Australia be next for Sony. Is it a good move that we will soon be left with Kobo and Kindle only for our ebooks? Share your opinion with us.

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