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How HardCandy cases save FIFA world Cup Soccer fans

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What has the FIFA World Cup 2014 to do with HardCandy iPad Cases. Nothing I hear you say. All the more reason for me, to explain my thoughts about football fans, their favourite teams and HardCandy to you.

Although it may feel like it was not that long ago, since the last World Cup in 2010 HardCandy has saved many devices of fans from every corner of the World; from Brazil to Spain, Germany to Japan, Australia to the Netherlands and England to Greece.

There are 48.9 million soccer enthusiasts in the US alone, most who are between 18 and 35 years old and most with a passion for their sport that will drive up their testosterone levels high during a soccer game from their home team.

So why does HardCandy cases become important when the World Cup 2014 game-time comes around? Why are FIFA fans in particular drawn into protecting their Tablets and Smartphones with HardCandy?

To stay with the US football fans for example, out of the 48.9 million soccer fans 62% use their Facebook account every day of the week. Take this one step further and it is very likely that they will use their Facebook account when the games are on. Not even counting the soccer fans that will use twitter, Instagram or SMS, this is about 30 million testosterone hyped-up fans frantically leaving messages on their Facebook accounts during a game.

Lets assume that there is a 50-50 change that your favorite football team does not win the game, this equals 15 million angry football fans. If just 1% (that is not a lot right!) loses their temper and trough away their device, we have 150.000 broken screens. A change of 150.000 broken iPad screens that could have been prevented by using the protective rugged HardCandy cases. Or by not watching the came, but what fan would not watch their favourite team!

You think this is farfetched! Think again after reading reports of all the damage done when local teams like AJAX in the Netherlands or Chelsea in England lose their football game.

For FIFA 2014 world cup dates and matches go to: FIFA World cup matches

FIFA World Cup 2014

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