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Are Ereaders and extinction breed?

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Last year the ereader market was at a peak, but the ebook reader market seems to be on the decline according to the latest sales figures of E-ink screens. E-ink screen technology, as found on ereaders like Kobo, Barnes and Noble, Kindle and Sony ebook reader devices, is still in the hands of one major company. Although the development of colour screens as well as faster and even flexible screens are on the brink, the ebook reader market got a big hit from customers who are investing in multifunctional tablets instead.

Trying to hold on to its market share, E-ink tries to move the declining market around via the smartphone industry. The company now sells e-paper products to Russian smartphone vendor Yota Devices and E-ink is partnered with Onyx for their e-Paper Android phone.

Ereaders had its peak in 2012 with 20 million readers worldwide. While the European and North American markets might be on the decline, in Australia we still see ereader sales growing. With a late start compare to Europe and the US, Australia has seen a significant growth in 2013. Major drive behind the Australian growth is the Canadian company Kobo, who even seems to get independent bookshops on their hands. Big W and Dick Smith are selling the Kindle, and other major stores like Office Works, Harvey Norman and independent booksellers sell Kobo.

How many people do you know, using an ereader?

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