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Best iPad cases for kids

Best iPad cases for Kids review

BeBook is your iPad case specialist and we have tested several sturdy iPad cases that are shockproof & splash proof. We tested some well-known brands like StylePro, Griffin Survivor case, Gumdrop cases, the Speck iGuy, Koosh, M-edge Supershell, Trident Kraken and the Otterbox Defender. The iPad case review will help you choose the right kids iPad cover for you or your school. 



StylePro has a range of cases that are pleasantly priced whilst doing a great job in protecting your iPad.
We tested StylePro's signature case with rotating stand. This is one of the few brands that offer a case with optional hand-strap and or shoulder-strap. A great option when you carry your iPad around, ideal for those working in the field. The case provides a 3 layer protection, rugged corners, and a screen protector. When testing the case we found that StylePro offers similar protection to the more exclusive brands.
We loved the rotating stand. Most cases offer a stand that allows you to use the iPad in landscape mode. With the rotating stand, you can use your device in any direction, portrait or landscape. 

Our verdict; good case at an affordable price.

RRP $54.95


The EVA case

Simple is often best! This case is highly recommended for years K-2. Made from child friendly EVA foam, this case not only gives the iPad well needed protection against little accidents, the case is light, has a stand that doubles as a handle for easy carrying. 

One other major benefit of this case is that it is washable.

The case comes in a range of funky colours.

Our verdict: Best pick for little kids.

RRP $49.95




36928.1588102281.fit-lim.size-1600x900.jpgThe Gumdrop Foam Tech 

We love the designers at gumdrop. Since the start of our web shop, we have been supplied by Gumdrop with some stunning designs and sturdy cases.  Gumdrop truly stands out with their rubber-stamped rugged cases that look like a larger tractor tire has driven over it without any damage.

The Gumdrop Foam Tech certainly lives up to the manufacturer’s standards of drop proof protection for the younger tablet users.

When you are willing to pay a premium for its funky design, go for it. The design is reflected in its price though. At  $69.95 we think that the EVA case is at least as good.

RRP $69.95



Speck iGuy

The Speck iGuy is great for toddlers, it is easy to hold onto. The iGuy gives you protection when it is dropped. When tested for drops from greater heights we found the iGuy not as save as the Griffin Survivor or Supershell. The iGuy does not stand very stable. This cover is a favorite with customers who like to add some extra funkiness to the iPad.

Our verdict. Funky but only for small children.

RRP $49.95





The  M-edge iPad Supershell

The M-edge Supershell is the lightest of all cases we tested. The Supershell does exactly what it is made for, it turns your iPad into a bouncy ball. Drop it from any height, roll it or throw it, we could NOT brake the iPad. The Case hardly ads any weight and gives a good grip. All ports and camera are accessable and for schools it is handy to know the iPad Supershell is stackable and fits into charging trolleys.

At RRP $49.95 we think the Supershell saves your day. 




The Koosh Case and  Stand are chunky and gives a good protection when it is dropped. Again as with the iGuy, the protection is not as good as the Supershell. The foam is thick but because the case is flat it is easier to drop it on the screen. The squishy foam gives an easy grip. A big pro is that this case comes with a stand.

Our verdict: a runner up to the Supershell, the stand is handy.

RRP $59.95




Otter box Defender

This rugged case covers your iPad with 3 layers protection and it includes a stand. Otterbox is a trusted brand that has been around for years. We found this case particularly good for older kids and professionals using a tablet in the field. A slim design, tough case, but with a hefty price tag. The port covers make this case perfect for those who work in a dusty environment.

Our verdict: one of the best cases, but with a hefty price tag. RRP: $105.95 








Griffin Survivor

The Griffin Survivor case is by far the most popular shockproof case on the market and is available in a wide range of colors from camouflage green to bright pink.

The Griffin Survivor all terrain gives military approved protection (US defence standards) and it shows. This is a tough cookie indeed. 4 layers of protection will do the job it is designed for. Drop it, trow it or splash some water (no submerging in the bath tub), it survives the toughest kids.

Our verdict: One of the best cases we have seen. No fuzz, just protection.

RRP: 99.95





-35trident.jpgTrident Kraken

Probably the must have case for the bigger kids or those who work in a tough environment. This case is tough and comes with screen protection that makes it splash proof  and dust proof (not waterproof). 

The Trident kraken is the thinnest case we tested and we certainly advise this case for those who stretch the iPads use to tougher environments like builders, beachgoers and travelers.

RRP $79.95





In principle, you can't go wrong with any of these case we tested. It's a mere choice of your own preference. You might prefer a stand, a screen protector, a more robust iPad case for little kids, a waterproof case for tough environments or a protective case for students who can have slippery hands but prefer a case that looks awesome whilst still is good protection.
Most of the cases that we tested are available to us. If you like more information or a quote, call or email us and we help you choose the right case for your specific needs. The bottom line of buying a protective case is that for roughly 10% of the value of your device, you have peace of mind that the chance of damaging your iPad is heavily reduced. Nothing worse than not having your iPad available due to costly repairs.

Most of the best cases for children and students are available for iPad and Samsung Tablet. If you can't find the best iPad cover in our shop, give us a shout and we help you sourcing the product you are after.


Tested by our team of mums and bubs; Jaiden (4), Bella (5) and Mums Jo and Lara (still young as well)

* All Cases we tested have good access to all ports and buttons. The Cases are made of child safe materials. Check product specks for more information.

** Shop for kids cases: shop


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