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Best cases for students

Best iPad and Samsung cases for students review



Gumdrop has a wide range of Military Grade beautifully designed cases. The Gumdrop cases offer trough heavy-duty protection. The stand ingeniously hides away into the easy-grip rubber pattern, the magnet holds the stand in place.
What we love most is the bold tire pattern of these cases which is Gumdrops signature. Not only provides the case proper protection when your tablet is accidentally dropped but also a perfect anti-slip grip. Like Gumdrop proves in there advertising videos, we rigorously tested the case by dropping the device from up to 1 meter high, and guess what, no damage! The only downside to this case is pricing. Although sold in the USA around $49, Downunder we pay $99 or more.

Our verdict; great case if you can afford its price tag.
RRP 99.95



7016328f-d486-4f0a-8e4f-79aaeed5e368.-cr0-0-300-300-pt0-sx300-.jpgEVA Shockproof case with handle

This is a popular case for students in years K-2. The case is available from various brands like StylePro and Gumdrop. This case offers perfect protection for slippery fingers from our little ones. The case is made from EVA foam, kids safe nontoxic product. The case is washable and lightweight. The handle makes it easy to carry your tablet around and doubles as a stand.

Our verdict: a super protective affordable case for young students
RRP: $49.95




StylePro iPad. caseStylePro Shockdrop case

2 Assets spring to mind when reviewing the StylePro case. Affordability and versatility. The case has a rotating stand that allows you to view in any position. The case is also available with a hand strap, handy for a teacher who roams around with their tablet in hand.
A slick design makes the case popular with students and the triple layer protection gives peace of mind in tough environments.

Our verdict: Versatile case with an affordable price tag.
RRP 57.95


StylePro Supershell iPad caseStylePro Supershell

Another washable case that is designed with students from years K-2 in mind. The case is lightweight and offers a kickback stand. Thick silicone corners protect the iPad against little accidents and big drops. The case fits in most charging carts.

Our verdict: Big protection for K-2
RRP: $ 49.95




stm-ipad-case.jpgSTM DUX

A very popular case in education, so we had to test it for you. We like the design of the case with its see-through back. It has storage for the Apple Pencil which is popular for the new iPad Air 10.5" users. Although STM claims that the case has an auto on of function, our experience was that the Instant on/off cover function does not always works, which causes the battery to drain. The protective silicon corners do the job when your tablet is dropped, although after several drops the transparent back starts to show some minor cracks. The popularity of the case most likely comes from its affordability, if you are after the best protection, we advise you to shop a little bit further.

Our verdict: Ok, when you want to save yourselves some coins.
RRP $57.95



Griffin survivor.jpgGriffin Survivor

The Griffin Survivor has been on the market as long as there have been tablets. Their survival and therefore popularity is for a good reason...... it's a good quality case. We dropped it and dropped it and kept dropping it and the case was simply doing its job, protecting the tablet. Although we liked the original design of the Survivor case more, if that's the only flaw, we can live with that.

Our verdict: A good case that the students will like.
RRP $99.95




Otterbox case Otterbox Defender

This rugged case covers your iPad with 3 layers protection and it includes a stand. Otterbox is a trusted brand that has been around for years. We found this case particularly good for older students. A slim design, tough case, but with a hefty price tag. The port covers make this case perfect for those who work in a dusty environment.

Our verdict: one of the best cases, but with a hefty price tag.
RRP: $105.95





Keeping up with current technology is a crucial part of learning for today's students, with many schools implementing programs to get the latest devices in students' hands. That’s when shockproof cases become a priority.

We assist in finding the best cases for schools, iPad, tablet and laptop accessories to help schools optimise their programs, while enhancing the device's usability and protecting your investment. We can even provide customized accessories with your school’s logo or name on it.

Contact our team to inquire about suitable products for your devices or find our most popular school products here.


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