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About Kindle

To Buy or not to Buy a Kindle, that’s the question.


The Kindle ereader from Amazon is a good ereader and has got excellent reviews. The Kindle is sold Worldwide and many customers are happy with the books from Amazon.


Before you decide to buy a Kindle we would like to inform you about the pros and cons from the Amazon Kindle.


Kindle’s Benefits

1.Good quality ereader using E-ink; Kindle’s is among the best ereaders, like Sony, BeBook and Bookeen and using the E-ink technology reading on the Kindle does not strain your eyes.

2.Price; Basically the best pro from Kindle above other ereaders is the fact that it’s price is low. This is logical, when you by a Kindle you are locked in to the Amazon website to buy your ebooks. Therefore Amazon does not need to make a profit on the ereader itself.


Kindle’s Disadvantages

1.Battery use; Compare to other ereaders the Kindle’s battery does not last long. This is caused by the Wifi/3G connection, which drains the battery quicker. Kindle’s battery last for a few day’s, with other ereaders the battery last for up-to 10.000 pages turns which can be a month worth of reading.

2.Locked in; With the Kindle you can only buy books at Amazon. Amazon has a large variety of books available, but a lot of books especially from Australian Authors are not available for Austrian Customers. Why? The protective Australian market, where ebooks are not allowed to be sold outside Australia unless the Australian publisher who holds the rights agrees, causes this.

3.Proprietary rights; Simply means, you do not own the books after you have bought them on Amazon. 

4. Content limitations; Open ereaders like BeBook, Iriver and Bookeen allow you to put your own content on the device like pdf, txt or doc.  On a Kindle that is not straight forward and you have to pay to put your own content on the Kindle. On open ereaders you buy your books where ever you want. 


Other things you need to know

1.Pricing restrictions. Amazon is not necessary cheaper than other ebook sellers. Prices are now set by the publishers and have to be sold at a minimum. Amazon cannot undercut these prices anymore. This is called the “agency model”.

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