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Hard Candy Cases coming to BeBook

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Hard Candy Cases, known for their stylish protective cases for iPad, iPhone and other tablets and smartphones like Samsung and Google Nexus.

As soon as the latest and greatest tech device hits the streets, Hardcandy is always on top of the game, and is the first to deliver the hippest, most rugged and protective device accessories around.

Most popular cases by Hard Candy are The Shockdrop cases, bubble case and Hard shell case. Shock Drop cases are particularly popular with schools, year K-6. 

Hard Candy Cases is founded by Tim Hickman. Tim was the founding manager of Speck cases, a brand that also gained tame with their protective cases like Speck iGuy and a wide range of iPhone cases.

Hard Candy Shock Drop Cases, soon available on BeBook.net.au


Molded-in up and down indications.


No-Slip grip texture to ensure you have a firm handle on your device.


6mm of silicone shock absorbing four-corner protection slimming to 3mm protection.


Rip proof port covers. Thick so they stick, fit and don't rip.

Let us know what Hard Candy Cases you would like!

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